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Chocolate Glory £4.50
Vanilla ice cream and bite sized pieces of chocolate fudge cake, drizzled with chocolate sauce
Add a splash of your favourite liquer +£1.50
Toffee Fudge Glory £4.50
Fudge chunks and lush toffee sauce poured over vanilla ice-cream
Add a splash of your favourite liquer +£1.50
Chocolate Fudge Cake £4.50
Served with cream or ice-cream
Vanilla Cheesecake £4.30
Served with cream or ice-cream
After Dinner Mint £4.50
A refreshing mint flavoured ice-cream coated in Belgian chocolate with pieces of mint crisp
Coppa Rossa £4.50
Mascarpone ice cream on a sponge and raspberry sauce base covered in raspberry and blackcurrant sauce with white chocolate shavings
Lemon Sorbet £4.30
Packed full of fresh lemons, this is a sorbet to set your taste buds zinging
Add a splash of limoncello liquer to your sorbet for an even bigger burst of lemon +£1.50
Ice-cream £2.50
Choice of strawberry, chocolate or vanilla

Novelty desserts (for the kids) £2.50

Punky Vanilla Ice-Cream
Kuaky Chocolate Ice-Cream


Coffee & Tea

Filter Coffee £2.10
100% pure Arabica coffee served when freshly brewed
Decaff Coffee £2.10
Hot Chocolate £2.50
English Breakfast Tea £2.10
Peppermint Tea £2.10
Masala Tea £2.50
A delicious drink with herbs & spices to round off an Indian meal
Fresh Mint Tea £1.80
Mint leaves steeped in hot water for a refreshing finish

Liqueur Coffees £4.50

Irish Coffee (Irish Whiskey)
Scottish Coffee (Scottish Whiskey)
Baileys Coffee
French Coffee (Hennessy vs Cognac)
Italian Coffee (Disaronno Amaretto)
Caribbean Coffee (Dark Rum)
Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria)

Shots (Shooters)

White Sambuca £2.50
Black Sambuca £3.50
Baby Guinness £2.50
(Tia Maria and Baileys)
Slippery Nipple £2.50
(White Sambuca and Baileys)
Limoncello £3.50

Indian Drinks

Mango Lassi Glass £2.50 / Jug £6.50
Salty Lassi Glass £2.50 / Jug £6.50

Wine List

Ruba Spice has a vast and superior wine list with an impressive selection from around the world. 

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